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Sales CRM and Automation Tools

Sales CRM & Automation

A few of the powerful tools at your fingertips with EyesOnEmail's Complete CRM:

  • Demographic and Activity-Based Lead Scoring - Identify the leads and customers that have the greatest value to you with a single, powerful, fully customizable lead scoring system. Easy-to-manage Big Data at your fingertips!
  • Complete Marketing Automation - Your CRM works directly with tools to save you time and ties in to your storefront, analytics, forms, and more.
  • Easy-to-use Workflows - set up sequences that assign activities to contacts and send emails automatically.
  • Instant Feedback from Email, Mobile, and More - Your CRM shows you realtime information about your contacts, wherever they are.
  • Built-in IMAP Email Integration - Keep your CRM in synch with your inbox! It works just like your smart phone to keep up with your one-to-one email communication.
  • Keep Track of Payments - Send invoices and track payments from your clients. EyesOnEmail supports 17 different currencies and integrates with Paypal and
  • Sales Pipeline Management System - Assign scores to your webpages to give them importance.
  • Track Website Visitors - Track the activity on your website from anyone in your CRM.
  • Phone Integration - Add click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS texting, and more, all integrated automatically with your CRM.
  • Predictive Analytics (BI) - See what causes your contacts to purchase from you and predict who is likely to take action next. By combining demographic and activity data, you can easily see at a glance who your hottest leads are.
  • Much more! Start a free trial and find out how EyesOnEmail's Intelligent CRM can revolutionize your business.


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