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Our pricing below is not only for the online software suite of digital marketing tools but also our targeted expertise and constant involvement with your business. Think of us as an extra team member working towards your business growth. If you have questions on how we provide that extra assistance, contact us here. You can try our system any time by clicking here for a trial.

Features Peripheral
(€119 per month)
(€139 per month)
(€169 per month)
(€209 per month)
(€249 per month)
(€389 per month)
(€429 per month)
Contacts 1,000 Contacts 3,000 Contacts 5,000 Contacts 7,500 Contacts 10,000 Contacts 25,000 Contacts Up to 50,000 Contacts
(0.5 cents per additional contact. *1/2 cent or $0.005)
Monthly Emails Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite
Contact Manager with Unlimited Custom Fields
Automatic Integration w/ Email, Web, Calendar, Projects, & More
Marketing Automation Tools
Detailed Reports & Attribution, with Lead Scoring and Predictive Analytics
Realtime Alerts
Social Media Management, Tracking & Integration
Email Marketing & Newsletters
Industry-Leading Deliverability
Email Templates
Email Tracking & Analytics
Integrated Image Editor
Website Analytics with Campaign Filtering**
Website / Landing Page Builder
Website Design Templates
Online Store (Accept Payments via Paypal &
Sell Downloadable Items
Membership Management
Subscription Forms w/ Auto-Responders
Project Management
Mobile Marketing (SMS)
Inbound Call Management (Phone Tree) w/ CRM Integration
Outbound Click-to-Call
Media/File Sharing & Storage with Download Tracking
Contract & Documents Management
Support Ticketing System
Wiki & Knowledge Base Management System
Shared Calendar
Event Registration and Payments
Financials Basic
Customer/Vendor Center
Invoicing with Tracking
Advancement Management System
Performance Measurement
Brand Monitor
Permission Controls
Customer support Email & Chat
Help importing contacts from other systems ***

* .5 cents is 1/2 cent or $0.005

** Website analytics are unlimited for the first 1,000 pageviews. Beyond this, it only costs $5/1000 pageviews (or lower, depending on volume of website traffic).  There is no cost for setting up and implementing marketing automation campaigns, and you can use unlimited campaign filtering, domains, websites, comparison reports, abandonment messaging, and alerts.

*** Our support team is available to help import your contacts. However, importing contacts is for bringing data in and does not include data conditioning/fixing and is limited to one hour of our support team's time. Anything beyond an hour will be billed at €50 per hour.

We save our clients over 80% in costs over every major CRM on the market.

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